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Schreiben von H. Pothin - Verein zur Unterstuetzung der zahnmedizinischen Versorgung in Laendern der Dritten Welt e.V.

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Schreiben von H. Pothin

2019 Jahresversammlung

We are gathered here today not to mourn for Giovani Desnousse, better known as Joe, but to thank God for having given him to us for so many years.

lf the Late Dr Roger Harter was regarded as the father of dentistry in Seychelles, Joe was undoubtedly the undisputed pioneer of dental technology/mechanics, the construction of dental prostheses commonly called dentures.

Without access to university, technical college or other training institution in Seychelles at the time Joe was not deterred, he turned challenges into opportunities.

As a young man he had a dream, his strength were his talent for the mechanical art of  dental technology, his innate dexterity, a passion to restore and construct and above all an interest to help the Seychellois people.

Joe quickly mastered the craft, encouraged by the late Dr Harter who saw the potential in him and as a dentist would naturally benefit from the assistance of a competent dental technician. Joe was a self made technician and soon became a household name for dentures. Gradually patients were coming from all over Mahe, Praslin and even La Digue to seek his assistance.

But it was not always easy to have access to Joe because of the nature of his work however where there is a will there is a way.

They used a technique which could not fail; go through his wife, Yvette, a competent senior dental nurse also working in the public dental service. Talking to Mrs Desnousse was synonymous to getting an appointment to see anybody in dental. With some sweet words she approached Joe.

“Don mwan en la paix” was the initial response but a woman usually has her way.

Mission accomplished, patient satisfied!!

He showed his expertise not only in dentures but also in more advanced work like crowns, bridges and removable orthodontic appliances.

His assistance was much sought after in the public service and later in the private sector by private dentists and visiting specialists.

Joe must have helped hundreds of patients, from the young bride to be, with unfortunately one or two missing upper front teeth who wanted a star smile for the big occasion or the elderly lady with also missing upper front teeth who wanted to keep her place in her church choir and some others with missing posterior teeth who wanted to enjoy a special dish of what you can eat but not allowed to kill!

Joe had other related sidelines like in jewellery.

In the kitchen Joe was a cordon bleu, preparing delicious dishes out of anything and
everything without forgetting his famous recipe “sa me sufi”

Those who did not know Joe personally would probably think he was a reserved man.

However once you start a conversation with him you will soon be impressed by his Spontaneous humour, funny comments and Joe's famous hilarious quotations.

As highlighted in the article;” Birth and Growth of Dentistry in Seychelles” published in the Seychelles Medical and Dental Association Journal “Romance in the dental clinic was never far away. This is where he met a young, pretty and delightful dental nurse by the name of Yvette d`Offay.”

The rest is history.

l regret very much for not being able to be present today but you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Joe will be dearly missed by all who know him.

Goodbye dear Joe, Rest in peace in the house of the Lord.

l would like to extend my sincere sympathy to Yvette, Marc and Natalie and all the family.

Dr Harold Pothin
Former Chief Dental Officer

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